Saturday, September 8, 2012

Part 4 of INSIDE THE 2012 DNC.

This is the last day of the convention, when President Obama spoke. There will be one more in the series.

Two State Troupers watching the President outside the arena.

Some of the DNC volunteers, watching the President's speech outside the arena.
Outside, looking in.

Two of the very diverse crowd watching from outside the arena. From my observations, scenes like this one were far more indicative of the crowd at the DNC versus the one at the RNC.
Watching intensely.

As with the RNC, umbrellas are not allowed in.  This is where they go to die.
Again, IMHO and by my observation, this type of diversity was hard to find at the RNC.

The President speaks.


  1. once again... didn't post- spent twenty minutes writing that Frank!

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  3. Still love President Clinton - love you a little less...