Friday, September 7, 2012

The 2012 Democratic National Convention in Photos, Part 2

Again, these exclusive photos were made in sequential order.  It is my effort to tell the story as it unfolded to me.

The Southern Hospitality  of the city of Charlotte - y'all!

Architecturally, I found it to be a beautiful city - many new buildings with a retro, "Gotham City" look.
Protesters were kept at a distance, but they WERE there.

It pretty much speaks for itself!
The crowd leaving the DNC. There was a noticeable difference in the crowds between the DNC and RNC. Look closely and you will notice.
A portrait of one of the many vendors, each trying to hustle a buck - The American Way!

"They're Back"!

Again, look at the diversity of the crowd compared to that of the RNC.
"Get your official merchandise here"!

Get 'em while they're young.

After awhile, these guys became "celebrities".

Of course, a tip wouldn't hurt!
At the end, we are ALL Americans.

Obama's campaign slogan was everywhere.
Late night Charlotte.

Journalist Geraldo Rivera doing ABC Radio.
Two VERY seasoned journalists, Randall Pinkston and Geraldo Rivera

Randall and Gary with Congressman Cummings.
This State Trooper was directing traffic with "Karate Moves". He was great! It broke some of the tension caused by the enormous police presence. They are in sequence.

Yep. They were here, too.

City of Charlotte volunteers.
Part of the enormous police presence.

A police mobile command center.

Detail of the "Jesus Mobile"/

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