Sunday, September 9, 2012

Inside the 2012 DNC, Charlotte, N.C. Part 5

The final installment in the 5 part photo series.
Outside looking in. People watching the President's speech.
The conventions Press Room.

One of the many families that attended the DNC.
Watching together. Because the speech was originally scheduled  for a large, outdoor stadium and was cancelled due to weather, it was moved back into the arena. This meant that many people who had tickets for the stadium could not be accommodated and had to watch it on monitors. 

Journalists, between reports, watch the President's speech from our Sky  Box "live" position.
My vantage point.
I just love this kid's reaction!

The crowd was VERY enthusiastic.  And look at the diversity. It was MUCH more apparent here then it was at the RNC.
The crowd went wild!

Graffitti falling at the end of the President's speech.

The First Family Joins the President.
A correspondant filing her report at the end of the speech.

The Obamas

It's important in the end to remember that we are all Americans

The aftermath.

Most of the crews used this opportunity to see what the President's view was like and take some photos.

The Man Who Would Be President.
Charlotte, N.C. Home of NASCAR.

A beautiful, New South city in the morning mist.

We were still doing "live" shots from the parking lot of the Charlotte Observer the day after.
Home of the NFL Panthers and the stadium where the President's acceptance speech  was originally scheduled.

A gleaming city on a beautiful day.

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